Multi-Room Audio Visual

The purpose of a multi-room audio visual or 'multiroom AV' system is to distribute audio and visual content around your home.

By doing so, you remove the audio visual equipment from individual rooms (AV clutter) and position it in a central location. It is then controlled and distributed throughout your house with simple-to-use control units such as your iPad or iPhone, colour touch screens, key pads and wireless hand-held controllers.

We tailor everything to suit your own requirements, so whether you want the equipment programmed for one room or many, Concept Clarity will set it up to suit your needs.

Imagine using your iPhone in the living room to set up a TV programme in the children’s room. Enjoy your music collection inside or out. Check the CCTV on your television and know you can switch on the baby’s monitor in the nursery from wherever you are.

Make your dream a reality with multi-room AV from Concept Clarity.

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