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Lighting is intrinsic to ambience, we take it very seriously and offer 3D sketch ups to give our clients a real feel of their design before making a commitment.

With the demand for low energy lamps increasing, LEDs are here to stay. Using only a tenth of the energy of traditional lamps, LED Lighting comes in all shapes and sizes with a multitude of different fittings that can be specified in many varied types of finishes. 

LED lamps can be used for both general lighting and special-purpose lighting in the home. They come in multiple colours and several shades of white, generally categorised as “warm”, “neutral” or “cold” white. By using a colour-mixing principle they can produce a wide range of colours and ambient effects enabling intricate lighting design.

LEDs are easily controllable and are dimmable. They turn on instantly and their lifetime is unaffected by cycling on and off, which in turn means they develop fewer faults, are more reliable and enjoy a very long life expectancy. Unlike fluorescent light bulbs, LEDs do not contain mercury so they are kinder to the environment too.

Imagine, sweeping through your electronic gates after dark, with a flurry of gentle activity as the LED lighting that flanks your drive, warmly welcomes and guides you to the front of your home, garage or business.

At Concept Clarity we offer consultancy, design, supply, install and programming of a vast array of LED lighting including:

  • Extensive Range of LED Lighting

  • Effect & Mood Enhancing Colour Lighting

  • Intelligent Lighting

  • Touch Screen Controlled Lighting

  • Design, Supply & Installation service

  • Crestron, Lutron, iLight, Philips Dynalight, Anytronics, Ocean LED and AVR.

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