Home Cinema

Typically home cinemas have a large quality screen display and an HD projector complemented with surround sound and additional subwoofers.

Create the real feel of the cinema, with LED lighting in your skirting board, tiered seating, in-wall speakers and even a pop-corn machine.  Using a projector screen and lift means that the entire system can be stowed away within the ceiling void at the touch of a button.

Connect your cinema to your Blue-ray and DVD machines, a Media Server as well as iPods; choosing which to use at the touch of a button.

Enhance the experience of your home cinema with expert acoustic design, added controllable lighting and comfortable seating.  A dedicated cinema room ideally requires expert acoustic design.  Hard surfaces reflect sound, often causing reverberation, sound distortion and discomfort.  Careful consideration to design and the introduction of minimal, yet high quality aesthetically pleasing acoustic products ensure maximum comfort, sound quality and pleasure.

At Concept Clarity we can help you design the optimum home cinema to meet the desires of all your family members.

Call us today to start watching your films on a large screen in the comfort of your own armchair.

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