Crestron Prodigy P-TSTATRF Wireless Thermostat

The Prodigy Wireless Thermostat keeps your home the perfect climate while saving money and energy. Via intuitive graphical interfaces on Prodigy Touchpanels, simply set up weekly schedules so the home stays comfortable when you're there most. During the winter, limit heating during sunny hours. In the summer, prevent unnecessary cooling when the house is unoccupied. Schedule special set points for extended trips away from home. And if you forget to do any of this before you leave, simply connect via iPhone® or web browser to make adjustments from thousands of miles away.

Because it's built on proven Crestron wireless technology, you can count on the Prodigy Wireless Thermostat to always stay connected, even in the most urban setting. Installation in retrofit or new construction is simple, too. The Wireless Thermostat is engineered based on wiring standards for heating and cooling systems, so it can be used with virtually any HVAC system.

Let the Prodigy Wireless Thermostat keep giving back to you in the form of lower energy bills and a greener conscience. Complement Prodigy Dimmers and Switches for a complete energy saving solution that's easy to use. Control it all from just one touchpanel. Being green with Prodigy really is simple + affordable.

Intelligent Control
Keep energy bills in check.

    * Use energy when needed most to heat or cool
    * Customizable schedule delivers the perfect climate
    * Save money in the long run

Quick Installation
Wireless integration means less time wiring.

    * Connect to HVAC system using industry standards
    * Mounts to horizontally oriented 1-gang box
    * Simple integration with touchpanels

A Control Solution for Every Budget
Now greener automation is available in an economical package.

    * Start with a single zone, then add as budget allows
    * Power, simplicity, and reliability of Crestron is now a reality within reach

Prodigy P-TSTAT RF

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